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MindScript Android Basic Course


Flutter Application Development Training boosts your career by grooming you with excellent skills in Android & iOS Mobile Application Development. This course clears all basic, advance concepts and ideas of dart.

Every company is in need of mobile systems architect. To embrace your career as a mobile system architect completion of flutter application development training is necessary which we provide at MindScript.

So, for those who are planning to make their career in this area , getting enrolled in the best dart & flutter training institute will serve the purpose and help you gather the requisite skills. Our Flutter App development course makes this happen for their students and prepare them for challenging career as a successful Mobile Application Developer.

What you get from the course:

  • Learn Flutter and Dart from the beginner level.
  • Develop native mobile apps for both Android and iOS
  • Learn how to handle user data and interact with the server.
  • Use advance features like Google Map, GPS Location and Camera access.
  • Learn dart from basic and complete Flutter knowledge

All you need to join the course:

  • Graduation in any stream
  • Graduating from any stream
  • Knowledge of Any Programming is must.

Dart & Flutter Training Course - Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • What is Flutter?
  • Understanding Flutter Architecture
  • How Flutter & Dart Code compiles to Native Code
  • Flutter Versions
  • Flutter Setup on System
  • Flutter alternatives
  • Create Project
  • File structure of flutter
  • Dart basic
  • Named arguments in dart
  • Running app on real device
  • Building widget
  • Writing functions for button
  • Stateful & Stateless widget
  • Styling widget
  • Button click action
  • Split app into multiple widgets
  • Understanding errors
  • Fixing errors
  • Rainpaint & Rainbow
  • Dart DevTool
  • Combining widget
  • Rows & Column alignment
  • Building custom widget
  • Styling text, container
  • String interpolation
  • Accept user input
  • ListView
  • AppBar, Floating Action Button
  • Chart
  • Looping List
  • Calculate screen size dynamically
  • textScaleFactor
  • LayoutBuilder widget
  • Device orientation
  • Landscape mode
  • MediaQuery
  • Using Cupertino widgets
  • Creating Grid
  • Working with linear gradient
  • Register screen as main screen
  • Style & Theme
  • Page navigation
  • Pass data using constructor
  • Named routes & Passing data with named routes
  • Snackbar
  • AlertDialog
  • Manage form input focus
  • Validate user input
  • User form focus
  • Image Input & Image Preview
  • Submit user form
  • On-Device Vs Web Storage
  • Sending post request
  • Working with Futures
  • Show loading indicator
  • Fetching Data
  • Working with sync & await
  • AnimationBuilder widget
  • Working with AnimatedContainer
  • Built-in Animation & Transition widget
  • Adding Hero Transition
  • Working with silvers
  • Finalizing Code
  • Preparing App Configuration
  • Preparing Third-Party services
  • Adding App Icon
  • Adding SplashScreen
  • Publish App on Play Store

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