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Android Application Development Training boosts your career by grooming you with excellent skills in Android. Basic knowledge of android is must and we are here to help you. This course clears all basic, advance concepts and ideas of Android.

Every company is in need of mobile systems architect. To embrace your career as a mobile system architect completion of android application development training is necessary which we provide at MindScript.

So, for those who are planning to make their career in this area , getting enrolled in the best android training institute will serve the purpose and help you gather the requisite skills. Our Android App development course makes this happen for their students and prepare them for challenging career as a successful Android Application Developer.

All you need to join the course:

  • Graduation in any stream
  • Graduating from any stream
  • Knowledge of Core Java Programming is must.

Android Training Course - Syllabus

We teach you basic java from scratch.
How to compile & run java program.
We take following program in this chapter Hello World, Prime number, Switch Case, Menu driven Program using switch case(Calculator), For Loop, Scanner Class, Scanner Class, Square of number, Reverse number, Array, Array Sorting, Armstrong, Factorial, Fibonacci, Pattern Program (*, A, 1)
What is Android?, Android & its features, Versions and History, Android releases, Android SDK Tools, Android play store, etc.
Android OS Architecture, Linux Kernal, Native Libraries, Android Framework, Applications, Setting Up Android Development Environment, Introduction of Android Studio, AVD Creation.
My First Android Application, Android Core Building Blocks (Activity, View, Intent), Android Activity Life Cycle, Android manifest.
Directory Structure, Gradle, Tools, Debugging, Shortcuts, Explanation of Hello World Program, Resource files (drawable, layout, mipmap, values (strings, styles, dimes, colors, etc.)), Assets, Java Code, Launching emulator, Logcat usage, Running on Real Devices.
Layout (Relative and Linear), Button, ImageView, CheckBox, Radio button, Date & time controller, Date & Time Picker , TextView, EditText, etc.
Input Events, OnClickListner, Log, Toast, User Input data acceptance, Splash Screen, Using Styles, Using Themes.
Understanding Adapter, Use adapters, Populate List View, populate Grid View.
Basic of android Intent, Types of Intent (Implicit Intents & Explicit Intents), Action, data, data types, Pass data to Intent, Pass data between activities using Intent, Sharing Intent.
What is Dialog, Alert Dialog, Creating Alert Dialog, Creating buttons in Alert Dialog, Handling Action of Button Click in Alert Dialog, Custom alert Dialog.
Introduction of data storage, SQLite database, create database & table, opening and closing database, inserting record, updating record, deleting record, Reading record, etc.
What is shared Preference, Use of shared Preference, create object of shared preference,Store values in shared preference, access stored values in shared preference, Save username and password using shared preference, maintain login session using shared preference.
Animations in Android, types of animation, Animation Implementation, different types of animation like scale, rotate, alpha(Fade In & Fade Out), translate, combination of Animations(Scale & rotate simultaneously)
What is WebView, implementation of WebView, progress Bar in WebView, develop simple webview application, handling different webview controls like zoom and javascript.
What is permission in android, how to give permission, use internet permission
Introduction of library, implement picasso library, load image using picasso library.
What is custom list & grid view? Use of custom view, Custom layout for item, Custom Adapter for ListView and GridView, Custom class for list and grid object, set adapter to ListView and GridView.
Permission in Android, Normal Permission & Dangerous Permission, Give normal permission via Manifest.xml, Give dangerous permission via Runtime permission.
Send SMS using Runtime permission, Read SMS from mobile, Read Contact from phone.
XAMPP introduction, Introduction of PHP, Simple PHP program, HTML form, passing data from HTML to PHP, MySQL introduction, phpMyAdmin, MySQL connectivity in PHP, accessing data from MySQL using PHP, Simple login form using HTML-PHP-MySQL.
Introduction of JSON, JSON structure, Requesting JSON data from web server, Accessing element of JSON in Android, Inserting data in MySQL from android, Simple login & registration form in Android using Web Server.
What is notification, create notification, setting notification properties, Attach action with notification, Pending Intent.
Introduction of tabs, add tabs, remove tabs, create tab layouts, Set action for different components on tab, tab selector.
Introduction of media api, using Media APIs, Using SD cards, Playing media, Develop audio player.
Methods to access User location, GPS location and Network location, access GPS location, access Network location
Google map introduction, google map key generation, integrate google map in android app, change google map view, set controls for google map.
Google Play Developer Console, Keystore of Application, Create Signed .apk file, Uploading signed .apk file, Upload different images & contain for publishing, Dashboard of application, Statistics, User Review, Crash Report, User ACQUISITION, upgrade existing android application
This project contains use of most of the topics covered in Android Course.

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