Best Android Library in 2020

Smartphones are considered smart because they have a myriad of applications to simplify  every task for us, and yes that's what we expect from a smartphone. To create such smart applications you definitely need some great libraries to speed up your work as a developer. Hence, to simplify your work as an Android application developer, we are presenting the most essential android libraries in 2020. This informative blog will take you through all the popular libraries that we use as a developer to create the best android applications.

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Run Android Application over WiFi without USB cable in Android Studio

While developing Android application,we need to run application multiple times,sometimes it will run smoothly and sometimes it will lead to connection related problem, so in this scenario we need to find some solution,that solve our problem and save time.

In this case by using WIFI ADB Ultimate you can avoid connecting usb cable multiple times and connection related issues that happen with USB. You can run android project to your device from anywhere in your office/home within same WiFi network.

Steps to use WIFI ADB Ultimate is as follows:

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