Best Digital Marketing Tools 2020

This Blog provides information about the best Digital Marketing Tools which enables us to analyze, create, search and plan strategies to build any website to improve its ranking in order to generate huge traffic on the website. These tools are designed to ease the Digital Marketing Fundamentals and recognize the most searched keywords on the search engines. These 5 tools can be beneficial to create brand awareness among the internet-based crowd which is beneficial for any business or service providing company.

Similar Web

1. Similar Web

A Similar Web is a tool that provides analytics of traffic and marketing intelligence of a website. The Overview of the website is present on the dashboard which can be used to determine the category, location, and basic information about the website, also worldwide & country rank of the website is displayed on the dashboard. Traffic Overview tab allows the user to analyze traffic is from which country or location to target a particular audience. Top 5 organic and paid keywords can be identified to improve the SEO keywords. 
Google Trends

2. Google Trends

Google Trends allows the user to explore the distinct keyword by providing its search intensity defining by an appropriate region and sub-regions in the world. It is beneficial in targeting the audience that has an interest in your business or services. It provides us the data regarding multiple related keywords that are displayed with the average search percentage on the google search engine.

3. Canva

Canva helps to create exquisite designs, layouts for the posts which are used to attract user for any advertisement or provide information regarding the business or services. Pre-built designs & templates can be used to create a post, some limited features are present for a trial version. Beginners can use the trial version of Canva initially but hardcore digital marketers will probably require the pro version of Canva.
vidIQ Vision for Youtube

4. vidIQ Vision for Youtube

vidIQ Vision is a Youtube certified application that enables the user to maximize its searches & helps to engage a loyal audience to your Youtube videos. vidIQ focuses on building brand awareness & improves essential video content which focuses on views and watch time for your videos. 
Keywords Everywhere

5. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a browser extension that helps to recognize the average of the total searches that people have performed for the keyword in the last 12 months. The CPC (Cost Per Click) for the particular keyword and Adword competition is recognized after the search. Keyword Everywhere is the best Search Engine Optimization tool to improve the ranking of the website.

In this article, we have studied various Digital Marketing tools that are beneficial to develop marketing skills and create new ideas that thereby allow the enrolment of a huge audience to your website.