Run Android Application over WiFi without USB cable in Android Studio

While developing Android application,we need to run application multiple times,sometimes it will run smoothly and sometimes it will lead to connection related problem, so in this scenario we need to find some solution,that solve our problem and save time.

In this case by using WIFI ADB Ultimate you can avoid connecting usb cable multiple times and connection related issues that happen with USB. You can run android project to your device from anywhere in your office/home within same WiFi network.

Steps to use WIFI ADB Ultimate is as follows:

1. Open Android Studio->Go to settings and select plugins.


1.sure you have active internet connection while installing the plugin.

2.First time connection of  device  to Android studio via WIFI ADB Ultimate needs usb cable to be connected to device.

Figure 1: Plugins

2.Type WIFI ADB ULTIMATE in search box and press Enter key.

Before typing in search box, please make sure you have selected the Marketplace

Figure 2: WIFI ADB Ultimate Plugin

 3.Click on install. Then system will install plugin. Once plugin installation is  completed you will get an option to restart the Android Studio.

Note: You have to restart android studio to make WIFI ADB Ultimate available.

Figure 3 :Restart Ide

4.You will get WIFI ADB Ultimate on the right side of the android studio window above device explorer shown in the right-bottom corner of the window.

Figure 4: WIFI ADB Ultimate on Right Side

5.Click on WIFI ADB Ultimate, to see the interface given below.

Figure 5: WIFI ADB Ultimate Interface

6.In the above figure, in manage devices section of window a text is displayed as " Nothing Active", to see your device name, connect usb (We assume that you have already enabled usb debugging through developer options.)


1.Make sure that your both android device and your Pc/laptop connects to same    wifi.

2.If  your device not yet visible in manage devices, click on blue colour rotational symbol above manage devices ,to refresh the tab and check any devices are active.

Figure 6: Device Appeared

7.Click on green colour run symbol, corresponding to your device name, once its shows the message has connected as shown in below figure, you can disconnect your  usb cable from target device.


7. You can put your android device IP address and click on run button , you can see your device that are connecting to same wifi. (To find your phone IP address go to setting in mobile ->  Click on WiFi  -> Go to additional setting -> You can see IP address. This option will be different for different devices.)

Figure 7:Device connected,disconnect usb cable

For Example:

8.How to get IP address from your mobile device:

Figure 8: IP address shown in different devices.

9. Once you see Android device in Remote Devices section the connection between Android Phone and Android Studio is successful.

10. To run android project doesn’t required internet connection. It will just need WIFI connection.